Life Scenarios

Balancing a budget deplicted visually with rocks balancing with a wallet one side and a jar on the other.
This game prepares students for real life financial scenarios without the real life consequences.
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Teach the Importance of Money Consciousness

Help your students make plans to pay for their future, balance a budget, and develop good money habits.

Example of Life Scenarios course teaching how to balance a budget.

Balancing a Budget

Teaches how to plan and save for upcoming costs.

Example of Life Scenarios course showing how users have to make decisions.

Decision Making

Presents students with realistic decisions so they'll develop positive financial habits.

Example of financial dilemmas from Life Scenarios course that users will face.

Problem Solving

Life Scenarios encourages students to think through financial dilemmas such as signing a lease on a new apartment or buying a new car when theirs breaks down.

Users will face real life experiences in the Life Scenarios course.

Life Experiences

Life comes with its ups and downs and Life Scenarios helps students recognize and adapt to both.

Simplified Grading

Courses are automatically graded so you can spend more time teaching!

Hands-On Learning

Help students grow individually with a virtual world of decision-making.

Progress Monitoring

Progress tracking and clear decision trees monitor your students’ growth.

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