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Personal Finance
Gives students the opportunity to embark on exciting adventures of entrepreneurship, budgeting, saving, debt management, credit building, and more.
Available Resources:
  • 5+ Units
  • 25+ Articles
  • 10+ Activities & Quizzes
  • 3 Workbooks
  • 25+ Worksheets
Two college students on campus greeting each other with a fist bump.
College and Careers
Guides students through crucial aspects of higher education and career exploration including real-world cost of attendance, finding a career field that suits them.
Available Resources:
  • 4+ Units
  • 4+ Articles
  • 10+ Activities & Quizzes
  • 12+ Worksheets
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Urban scene made out of computer themed objects.
Digital Citizenship
Focuses on fostering digital literacy, online safety and promoting healthy technology habits for students of all grade levels.
Available Resources:
  • 4+ Units
  • 9+ Articles
  • 4+ Activities & Quizzes
  • 1 Workbook
  • 4+ Worksheets
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Automatic Grades. Easy Classroom Organization.

Instantly view student progress with a powerful grading interface.

  • Automatically graded units
  • In-depth student decision reports
  • Classroom analytics
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Life Scenarios unit interface.

Gamified Education

Students learn best by doing. Banzai games and resources allow kids to make mistakes, learn, and succeed from the safety of their classroom. Some of the skills they develop include:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Managing Debt
  • Internet Safety
  • Career Planning
  • Soft Skills
Lemonade Tycoon unite interface and accompanying workbook.

Learning Resources

Cover the most important aspects of each topic with offline and online resources.

  • In-depth articles
  • Practical calculators
  • Printable worksheets
  • Physical workbooks
  • Digital flashcards
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Simplified Grading

Courses are automatically graded so you can spend more time teaching!

Hands-On Learning

Help students grow individually with a virtual world of decision-making.

Progress Monitoring

Progress tracking and clear decision trees monitor your students’ growth.
Box of printed workbooks.

Free Printed Workbooks

Challenge your students to practice critical thinking, math, and vocabulary through physical workbooks shipped directly to your school.

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Printed sample schedules overlayed on top of each other.

Sample Schedules

Stay on top of lesson-planning with these easy-to-use sample schedules that map out what other Banzai resources best support each course.

What Teachers Are Saying about Banzai

“My students love the program! I like the easy grading access, and the scenarios are fantastic. It was so easy to administer assignments, grade, and monitor progress.”
Teacher, Magnot Cove High School
“I love listening to the student conversations as they work through the assignments and realize how “hard” life can be even if they are only completing a simulation.”
Teacher, Hazleton Area School District
“There is no doubt in my mind that when students use technology to learn, it becomes fun, and Banzai is exactly that!”
Teacher, Auburn Junior High
New York
“The kids like that they did not have to watch videos like other programs they've done, and instead were able to interactively participate in the entire process.”
Teacher, Quincy Senior High School
Boy with a life-size rubics cube.

Meets State’s Standards

Banzai courses cover a wide range of essential topics while fulfilling your state’s standards of learning (SOL). Take a closer look at how each course aligns with your curriculum standards.

Check Your State's SOL
Boy with a life-size rubics cube.

COPPA, FERPA, and SOPIPA Compliant

Banzai complies fully with restrictions set by COPPA and FERPA—we don't store personally identifiable information such as a student’s age, location, gender, or ethnicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Banzai free?
    Banzai is free with the help of local financial leaders in your community—like banks and credit unions. Because a local sponsor cares about your students’ future financial security, they cover the cost of Banzai (the online software, resource library, and printed booklets) for you and your students.
  • How long does Banzai take?
    Banzai’s courses are built to supplement your curriculum, meaning you can use as many or as few of the games, worksheets, and educational resources as you prefer. That means new content is added all the time. At the moment, Banzai has 15+ interactive games that take anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours to complete, 30+ supplemental educational resources, and 40+ worksheets.
  • Is Banzai ADA compliant?
    We strive to make all content on accessible to vision-impaired users through screen readers. Banzai can also be used without a mouse. Scroll through options using Tab, press Enter to select an option, and press Shift + Tab to move backward. If you’ve used Banzai for a while, you may notice that we’ve recently changed our look. These updated colors provide higher contrast and make it easier for all users to see and experience Banzai’s content.
  • Is Banzai available in languages other than English?
    Banzai’s flagship financial literacy units (Lemonade Tycoon, Life Scenarios, and Advanced Budgeting) are available in English and Spanish. We are working on rapidly expanding the number of languages and courses available in other languages and will have exciting updates related to this soon.

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