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Make Benefits Make Sense

Your organization's benefits are great. But are they so great if employees don’t actually understand them?
Wiki For Your Benefits

Custom pages, calculators, discussions, and more help employees understand benefits.

Recruit More Applicants

Increase applications and strengthen recruiting by putting benefits first.

Win Their Loyalty

Pendant helps your employees get more out of the benefits you already offer.

A New Way to Educate Your Employees

Pendant takes your benefits—e.g. your insurance, your PTO—and makes them easy to understand and attractive to employees.

A Smart, Approachable Way to Help Them Get Answers Fast

Pendant's AI-powered system answers employees' complex questions about their personal benefits day and night, securely and privately.

Banzai not only provides the software, we author all the content for your benefits.

Find Out What Employees Value Most

Pendant helps you understand which of your benefits your employees value most, and how to better promote the benefits they understand less.

Two employees having a converstation about benefits.

Scale Up HR

Whether you have five or five hundred employees, Pendant scales HR’s ability to keep everyone informed about benefits, onboarding, and make better enrollment decisions.

Reduce Costs and Improve Retention

Our research shows that most employees underutilize the benefits you're already paying for. This is a lost opportunity, hurts retention, and wastes your resources.

Workflows, Productivity, and Analytics

Pendant includes tools designed to make common workflows around benefits (e.g. onboarding, open enrollment, 401k eligibility) simple, automatic, and measurable.

Build a Bigger Applicant Pool

To improve the flow of applicants you must improve transparency. Pendant strengthens applicants' trust in you by putting more benefits information in their hands.

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