Various devices showing potential online interactions.
Teens learn the damaging effects of cyberbullying while exploring ways to be respectful online and cope with rude or harmful situations.
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Demonstrate the Negative Effects of Cyberbullying

Help stop online bullying by demonstrating what common online practices fall into the realm of hate speech, bullying, and more.

Cyberbullying game interface showing different types of cyberbullying.

Types of Cyberbullying

Covers what cyberbullying is and where the crime is likely to be committed.

Cyberbullying game interface explaining some social media cyberbullying.

Social Media

Social Media is a big part of everyone's life. Cyberbullying demonstrates ways to stop cyberbullying through demonstrating how hurtful words can be for another person—even if it is just online.

Cyberbullying game interface going through a real-world question.

Methods & Online Behavior

Shows students how things they do online could be considered cyberbullying and why that is dangerous.

Cyberbullying game interface giving tips for prevention.


Touches on even more serious issues like cyberstalking, impersonation, hate speech, and more, as well as what to do if a student has fallen victim to online harassment.

Simplified Grading

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Hands-On Learning

Help students grow individually with a virtual world of decision-making.

Progress Monitoring

Progress tracking and clear decision trees monitor your students’ growth.

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